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Twill Blend Napkins & Tablecloths

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Our Ultimate Twill Napkins & Tablecloths are comprised of a 50% cotton/ 50% polyester blend.  These are great napkins and tablecloths for banquets, restaurants, parties, weddings, church and other social functions.  They are very easy to maintain, require little to no ironing and release stains very well.  These table linens are an excellent choice for those customers who wish to have a more cottony feel to their napkins and tablecloths.

These linens will give your events the ultimate experience.

They are available in a wide array of colors and sizes.

Some common napkin sizes for restaurants, caterers, churches, schools and weddings are listed below but any size napkin can be manufactured. They may be made of polyester, spun poly or a blend of cotton and polyester.

10 x 10 Napkin

17 x 17 Napkin

20 x 20 Napkin

22 x 22 Napkin


Many of the standard size tablecloths for commercial or residential use are listed below. They may be made of polyester, spun poly or a blend of cotton and polyester. Any size can be manufactured if the size you want is not listed.

45 x 45 Tablecloth

54 x 54 Tablecloth

60 x 60 Tablecloths

72 x 72 Table Cloth

84 x 84 Table Cloths

90 x 90 Tablecloth

108 x 108 Tableclothes with rounded corners

120 x 120 Table Covers with rounded corners

132 x 132 Table Cover with round corners

60 Round Tablecloth

72 Round Table Cloth

84 Round Tablecloths

90 Round Tableclothes

96 Round Table Cloths

102 Round Table Clothes

108 Rd Table Cloths

114 Round Tablecloths

120 Round Table Cover

126 Round Table Covers

132 Round Table Cloths

60 x 90 Table Cloths

60 x 108 Tablecloths

60 x 120 Tablecloth

60 x 144 Tableclothes

72 x 108 Tablecovers

72 x 120 Tablecover

90 x 132 Tablecloth with rounded corners

90 x 156 Table Cloth with rounded corners

108 x 132 Oval Tablecloth

108 x 156 Oval Table Cloth

***The Edges On Our Twill Blend Products Are Merrowed*** Add 10% for hemmed edges


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These Linens Can Usually Ship Within 1-2 Business Days From The Date Of Your Order.


The prices listed below are for 1 dz tablecloths or 5 dz napkins.

These linens are made to order and can not be returned.

  Please order a sample if you are not sure of your color or size selection.


If you need 6, 7, 8, or 9 dozen napkins or wish to mix colors within your 5 dozen napkin order, please contact us at 207-843-5361.