Chalet 18/10 Flatware Flatware-Walco Chalet 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware
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Chalet 18/10 Flatware


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ID: 9800S


This flatware is very heavy weight and very high quality stainless steel. It has 18% chrome and 10% nickel content. This is fine commercial hotel quality flatware sold at a large discount.  The Chalet pattern features a traditional steel coil in an architectural geometric design.  This restaurant quality flat ware is used in dining rooms, for weddings, in convention centers, and in hotels.  Since that flatware pieces are comprised of stainless steel and not silver or silver plate, this silverware is much easier to maintain.  Since there a variety of different forks, knives, and spoons, these restaurant pieces can be assembled to form a variety of different place settings.




The minimum order for Walco items is $150. A small order charge of $35 will be assessed for orders less than $150.

Samples are Available


9801 Teaspoon

9803 Serving Spoon

9804 Iced Tea Spoon

9805 Dinner Fork

98051 European Dinner Fork

9806 Salad/Dessert Fork

9807 Oval Soup/Dinner Spoon

9810 Butter Spreader-Solid Handle

9811 Butter Knife-Solid Handle

9812 Round Soup/Bouillon Spoon

9815 Oyster/Cocktail Fork

9825 Dinner Knife-Hollow Handle

9829 Demitasse Spoon

9845 Dinner Knife

98451 European Dinner Knife