Laredo 18/0Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall Laredo
Laredo 18/0Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall Laredo Dinner Fork, Table Spoon & Dinner Knife Laredo 18/0Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall fl laredo h Laredo 18/0Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall Laredo Fork, Oval Soup, Teaspoon Laredo 18/0Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall Laredo Sizes
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Laredo 18/0Flatware

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ID: C5300S


Standard Pieces are sold and packed by the Dozen.*

Laredo Dinner Fork, Table Spoon(Serving Spoon) And

Dinner Knife Are Shown in Top Picture.

Laredo Dinner Fork, Oval Soup And

Teaspoon are Shown in the Lower Picture.


Corby Hall flatware is a premium, high grade flatware that shows dinners elegance and class.  The Laredo pattern is a very heavy weight and premier grade of stainless steel with an 18% Chrome content. The Laredo pattern is part of the Continental Collection.  This high quality restaurant flatware is used in fine hotels, restaurants, ballrooms and conference centers as opposed to much more expensive silverware.  Stainless steel flat ware is easy to maintain because unlike silver ware pieces it does not require constant polishing.

This product should not be used if you have hard water as it could spot and rust.


The minimum order for Corby Hall items is $300. A small order charge of $35 will be assessed for orders less than $300.

The teaspoon in the Laredo pattern is smaller than most US teaspoons. It is 5.75"

long and has a small bowl. The oval soup spoon is a little larger than a standard

teaspoon but is pretty close in size to a standard teaspoon. It is 6  7/8" long. 



Click on the following link for a better view of this flatware pattern:

Click here to download pdf flatware picture

Samples are Available


C5301 Dessert/Oval Soup Spoon 6  7/8"

C5302 Table Spoon (Serving Spoon)

C5303 Bouillon/Round Soup Spoon

C5304 Teaspoon 5.75"

C5305 Demitasse Spoon

C5306 Iced Tea Spoon

C5326 European Dinner Fork  8  1/4"

C5327 Salad/Dessert Fork

C5329 Oyster/Cocktail Fork

C5351 European Dinner Knife-Solid Handle

C5366 Butter Knife-Solid Handle

C5356 Dessert Knife-Solid Handle