Opera 18/10 Flatware Flatware-Corby Hall Opera 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware
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Opera 18/10 Flatware

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Standard Pieces are sold by the Dozen.  Serving Pieces are sold by the Piece.*

Corby Hall flatware is a premium, high grade flatware that shows dinners elegance and class.  The Opera pattern is a very heavy weight and premier grade of stainless steel with a 18% Chrome and 10% Nickel content.  This is a fine quality flatware ideal for fine dining restaurants and hotels.  The Opera pattern is part of the European Collection.  This high quality restaurant flatware is used in fine hotels, restaurants, ballrooms and conference centers as opposed to much more expensive silverware.  Stainless steel flat ware is easy to maintain because unlike silver ware pieces it does not require constant polishing.


The minimum order for Corby Hall items is $300. A small order charge of $35 will be assessed for orders less than $300.

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Click on the following link for a better view of the serving pieces for this pattern:

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Samples are Available

*We Do Offer a 60 Piece Dinner Service for 12 Which Includes The Following:  1 Dozen European Dinner Forks, 1 Dozen Salad/Dessert Forks, 1 Dozen Coffee Spoons, 1 Dozen Dinner/Oval Soup Spoons, and 1 Dozen Dinner Knives.  



3701 Dessert/Oval Soup Spoon

3702 Pasta Spoon

3703 Bouillon/Round Soup Spoon

3704 Teaspoon

3705 Demitasse Spoon

3713 Mocha Spoon

3706 Iced Tea Spoon

3726 European Dinner Fork

3727 Salad/Dessert Fork

3728 Fish Fork

3729 Oyster/Cocktail Fork

3751 European Dinner Knife-Solid Handle

3753 Fish Knife

3755 Butter Spreader

3756 Dessert Knife-Solid Handle

3761 Steak Knife-Solid Handle

3766 Butter Knife-Solid Handle



PS3737 Flat Serving Spatula

PS3736 Serving Spatula

PS3731 Serving Fork

PS3731A Long Serving Fork

PS3781B Salad Serving Fork

PS3781D Long Salad Serving Fork

PS3781A Salad Serving Spoon

PS3781C Long Salad Serving Spoon

PS3707A Slotted Spoon

PS3714A Long Slotted Spoon

PS3707 Serving Spoon

PS3714 Long Serving Spoon

PS3711A Sauce Ladle

PS3777 Soup Ladle

PS3711 Sauce Ladle